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Matt’s Universal Arm Kit:

Matt’s Arm Lifting Tools are modular and can be assembled into various configurations to meet your needs.

Matt’s Arm All-Inclusive Universal Kit includes all 6 configurations and will work on Guyed Towers, Self-Support Towers and Monopoles and includes all of the following equipment.

   1 – Beam Assembly
   1 – Mast Pipe Assembly
   1 – Non-Mast Pipe Assembly
   4 – Monopole adapters for bridle and baskets
   4 – Monopole Chain tensioners with chains & wire rope sling
  4 – Face Mount Bent Sleeves for Leg Clamps
  4 – Face Mount Leg Clamps
  2 – Face Mount Bridle/Basket Bent Sleeves
   2 – 56” x 4” Face Mount Box Beams
   2 – 84” x 4” Face Mount Box Beams
  2 – Face Mount Leg Stub Extensions
   1 – Face Mount Leg Stub Bracing Kit
  4 – Leg Mount Clamps for Bridle and Basket
  4 – Leg Mount Horizontal Bracing
  4 – Leg Mount Clamps for Horizontal Bracing
  Interactive Load Chart Calculator (One Year Subscription $250 value)

Matt’s Universal Arm Kit:

MSRP $27,500.00

Matt’s Arm Equipment may be purchased as a Universal Kit or individual configurations depending on the contractor’s needs and market.  Please contact us for specific pricing packages. 


  • Beam Assembly – Used in All configurations  —   Aluminum Beam – 7’ Long  –  See beam options below.  The beam is designed for two-part rigging.
    Chain Assembly – attaches beam to bridle, WLL 12,000 lbs.
    Vertical Bracing – two braces that attach to the bridle and basket to further stabilize the mounts and distribute the load.
  • Mast Pipe Assembly – provides headroom over the tower – Used in Configurations 1, 3, 5
    10’ Aluminum Mast Pipe (8’ mast pipe with 2’ extension)
    Bridle, Basket, Bearing Collar
    Lifting Frame for Mast Pipe
  • Non-Mast Pipe Assembly – Used between sectors without the mast pipe in Configurations 2, 4, and 6
    Bridle and Basket

Mounting Hardware

  • Monopole Configuration 1, 2
  • Face Mount Configuration 3, 4
  • Leg Mount Configuration 5, 6

Optional & Custom Equipment:

  • Adapters for 60° and 90° angle leg towers maybe custom designed. Contact us to discuss.
  • 2 Weather resistant Storage/Shipping crate (24”W x 18”H x 96”L) ($400.00 each)

Options for Beams: Select the Beam option for your purchase.

Option 1a:  7’ Standard aluminum channel beam with five working rope sheaves between channels with a WLL ranging from 900 lbs. to 1600 lbs.

Option 1b:  Wire Rope sheaves upgrade for standard beams:  $1,500.00.

Option 2:  7’ Aluminum channel beam.  Two Rock Exotica 2.6 (included) synthetic rope pulleys hang below the beam on pull-off bars, which can be moved in 6” increments along the beam. Rope pulleys may be replaced by the purchaser with wire rope pulleys if a wire rope winch system is used.

Additional Beam Assembly:  $8,500.00 – Includes Beam, Long Link Chain, and Vertical Braces.
Advantage – Expands the use of the kit (For example, one crew can use Configuration 2, and a different crew can use Configuration 3).

Interactive Load Chart Calculator, specifically designed for Matt’s Arm by Bill Griswold, PE. Please see the example of the Load Chart Calculator on our website. This is a subscription-based Excel spreadsheet. A one-year subscription is included with the purchase of a Matt’s Arm Kit.

This tool helps create the Rigging Plan and is designed “to put the engineer in the Rigger’s back pocket” – when the intended plan doesn’t work, and other options are necessary, the ILCC allows the on-site Rigger to choose the safest options for installing Matt’s Arm and for hoisting. As he is able to input accurate tower data and dimensions in the ILCC, it will indicate “passing” or “failing” scenarios.


1-Year Limited Warranty is included with the purchase of Matt’s Arm Kit.
A 2-year Limited Warranty includes one free re-training session at our Murfreesboro location. $2,500.00


A down payment of 30% is required with the Order, and the balance is due on delivery. Prices are firm for 30 days from the date of quote. Tax and Shipping are not included.