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Not Your Father’s Gin Pole

by Unknown Author – 

I know how we’re classified. The car was classified as a horseless carriage. Change happens, and when there’s a big jump in technology, it’s hard for old terms to define new products. We’re as much a Gin Pole as a calculator is a laptop, or the Grand Canyon is a pothole.

Think Matt’s Arm is a contraption? Yeah, it’s a contraption like the Wright Brothers’ contraption. It’s a contraption like Henry Ford’s contraption. Who needs to be able to make a call, take a pic, and surf the web on Steve Jobs’s contraption? If you’re riding your horse, taking a train, or sending smoke signals because you don’t like contraptions, then Matt’s Arm isn’t for you. But if you like efficiency and safety and want to profit more, you’ll love Matt’s Arm.

We all have that tool on our shelf with dust all over it because it looked great at Home Depot but was too much hassle to use, didn’t live up to expectations, or simply didn’t work for real-world applications. We believe our competition and gin pole fall into this category—too heavy, too complicated, too much hassle. Matt’s Arm has solved these problems. Light enough for your truck bed, all while having a lifting capacity of half a ton. Matt’s Arm is a crankless lifting system designed to lift equipment and profit.

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