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Got Questions?  Jim’s Got Answers!

Towers come with their own challenges. . .  Each tower has its own set of issues.  Evaluating towers takes skill, history in the industry, and exposure to thousands of towers.  With 50 years of experience in the tower industry from stacking towers, to mapping towers, to trouble shooting issues for maintenance and safety, there’s not many towers or issues that Jim is not familiar with.

Your tower project may have an unusual design or extensively modified.  We at Matt’s Arm fabricate adapters for your specific tower needs.

Contact Jim, +1 (615) 602-0461 or email at admin@mattsarm.com, to discuss your questions, issues or other industry questions.  Your time is valuable, have us help you evaluate your tower project in a timely manner.  We at Matt’s Arm look forward to working with you to make your crews as efficient as possible.



Tower Lift Consulting

Tower Evaluation for Matt’s Arm Use

No need to default to a crane – let us work with you to save you time and money.

Consulting Services


Nonstandard Tower?  Design modifications for using Matt’s Arm clamps.


Send us your photographs and the Structual Analysis, and we can design/recommend the optimum Matt’s Arm Solution.

We offer on-site supervision as a consulting service; we can train your crew on-site for their use of Matt’s Arm.


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