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What People Are Saying


“Matt’s arm is a great way to have the advantages of a gin pole without a large percentage of the danger.  With the unit being modular and bolted to the tower it allows more stable options than a traditional gin pole.  By raising the load with a cantilever beam reduces the need for tagging and reduces the load line angle.

With what you are working on for fall protection (Configurations 7, 8 & 9) we can lower the great risk of swing fall that is unavoidable when being tied off to the structure of the tower and working out on a mount.”

David Clevinger

Tryzub Tower Services, LLC

“I greatly appreciate your support throughout all projects that Tryzub has completed with Matt’s Arm. Matt’s Arm is about dedication to the cause, and the main reason is to make the Tower Industry safer. Jim and Debbie have visited every project that Tryzub completed with Matt’s Arm, supported our tower crews, and collected feedback to improve the tool. The Matt’s Arm team understands Tower Hands’s needs and has developed various configurations for complex L&A tasks. In the past, completing these tasks required the assistance of either a crane or a helicopter”


Vladyslav Shapovalenko
Project Manager
Tryzub Tower Services, LLC

Tower Crew Company

“2nd time using Matt’s Arm with Mast Pipe, installed in 2 hours. Reached all sectors without relocating. The above absolutely works smooth, and efficient …We love it!”

Tower Crew Company Owner


“The versatility of configurations allows for the Matt’s Arm to be used on towers of all variety, making its applications unmatched to anything in the industry. The creation of headroom on a tower has been a much needed commodity for many decades & it has been awesome to be apart of the journey & solution. Would recommend that any tower company have the Matt’s Arm in their tool bag to offer to employees & customers.”

Jackson Donnelly