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First, we make our tools to last

The beam and the mast pipe are strong and lightweight, made of 6061T6 structural grade aluminum. The structural steel clamps are engineered to attach securely to the tower.


We spent years developing our muscle

Our patented designed tools are made for the tower industry by people from the tower industry.


Customized Load chart calculator for the correct load limits

Bill Griswold designed our customized interactive load chart calculator for Matt’s Arm configurations.

Matt’s Arm Adds Muscle To Your Tower Needs

Matt’s Arm is the patented tool for telecom structures at all levels, whether a Monopole, self-supported, or guyed tower. You will find that Matt’s Arm is the most unique lifting tool available. It was designed to make crews more efficient and the industry safer. Matt’s Arm is lightweight, portable, and easily transported in a crew work trailer. This tool helps you change or install cell site antennas and sector mounts more efficiently. A crew can install Matt’s Arm in two hours or less. Its unique design allows it to reach all sectors on most towers and has a lifting capacity of up to 1,600 pounds. The design follows ANSI/TIA Standard 322 and the training per ANSI/TIA Standard A10.48.

The Versatility of Matt’s Arm is Unique in the Tower Industry.

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